Ricoh KR-5 in good condition

I bought a Ricoh KR-5, described by the seller as being in good condition.  When it arrived the viewfinder was black since the mirror was locked in it’s raised position. The mirror was locked as the the shutter was trapped. The film advance lever was stuck as well.

With some gentle nudging I managed to free the shutter, which in turn released the mirror.  Then it was revealed that the mirror damper had dissolved into a sticky mess, all over the mirror.

I spent an hour cleaning the mirror and replaced the old damper. Now the camera seems to work. I cycled the shutter about a hundred times and it never stuck again.  A change of batteries raised the built in light meter, but doesn’t quite agree with my Nikon D90 over what constitutes good exposure. They’re within one stop at least.

I wonder what a camera that isn’t in good condition looks like.

The camera came with a manual and inside the manual I found an old receipt, in 1984 it was sold by the Singaporean police department(!). It must have been through a lot until it ended up on my desk. – Classic Cameras and Photography has a spec sheet for the camera. — John Goodman’s instructions on light seal replacement came in handy during the work.

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4 thoughts on “Ricoh KR-5 in good condition

  1. It is a beautiful camera though. Film photography is quickly becoming a lost craft – I know very little about it myself. Hope you’ll be able to digitize and post some shots from this camera in the future.

    • I’ve read reports online that it is VERY solid. People have had them submerged in water and they haven’t broken. And the batteries are only needed for the light metering, the shutter is entirely mechanical. Winter is coming and I wanted a camera that I could take outdoors without worry.

      Regarding the shots: I have ordered a film scanner, but it has not arrived yet. I’m sure I’ll be all over the blog once I have developed and scanned my first film. Until then I’ll have to make do with digital. 🙂

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