A rainy day

We’ve had some very nice weather here. Cold, crisp, clear blue sky and everything covered in frost. It seemed winter was on it’s way. Doggie and I took some very early morning walks and enjoyed the sights, and smells on his part I assume.

I really thought that winter was here, but I was wrong. Yesterday it started to rain and it has been horrible weather all day today. Rain on the frozen ground makes everything slippery. I don’t really mind the rain, but I don’t like slipping. Doggie dislikes getting wet. So when I came home today we took a short brisk walk and then I started my project for a sudden rainy day.

I fashioned a body cap for my Nikon into a pinhole. The whole process took about 15 minutes, and used stuff I already had laying around at home.

The results are not very impressive. It is dark and I have to push the ISO insanely high. But I’ll try it again sometime when there’s more light outside. I haven’t figured out a good way to measure light yet, but I took some pictures and did some mathematics and I figure I landed somewhere at around f130, it needs loads of light.

On my rainy day project list I add making a tele pinhole ‘lens’ by attaching a can to the body cap, and then put the pinhole in the other end of the can. And making a plain one for my film stuff, but I cringe at the process of figuring out the aperture of that one.

Perhaps I should get a cheap old Pentax DSLR for quick experiments?


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