Experiments with film. Roll 4.

I wonder what happened to my third roll. It is not to be found in the general mess on my desk, where I’ve found a bunch of other rolls. And it is not forgotten in a camera, since I have shot more with that camera since. It’s another Lucky SHD100.

But I did find #4. Another Fuji C200, and I cross processed it in B/W chem as well. I looked through the set, and there are a couple of nice frames, and a whole bunch of blurry underexposed ones. Let’s return to my favourite bridge from my previous post. This should be a couple of days later.

The river. Fuji C200 in Maco Ecoprint. I think this was one of the frames I took with a yellow filter on the lens. It is more contrasty than most of the rest of the roll. So it makes sense.

Bridge in shadow. Fuji C200 in Maco Ecoprint.

This roll came out less stained than the previous two. I mixed a bit of isopropanol in water (maybe 1+25) and added a small drop of detergent and used that in the last wash. So it helped, but there are still some stains. Next time I’ll use denatured water instead.

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3 thoughts on “Experiments with film. Roll 4.

  1. Brilliant images!
    I’ve loads of Kodak colour film and I’m hoping to experiment with my Bessa R. I’m just unsure about Dtime, stop & fix time!? ;~)

    • Thanks.

      Well, since you’ll be experimenting – start with the times for Kodak TriX and the chem you’re usually dipping in and work from there.

      The colour in BW negs shown on my blog were all scanned with a cheap Chinese negative scanner. It was basically a light table and a digital camera in a box. It did nicer scans for this kind of negs than my fancy Epson V700 does. So these days I just shoot real BW films since it fits my workflow better.

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