Experiments with film. Roll 7.

I loaded my ‘new’ Pentax ME with a roll from my quickly dwindling supply of Fuji C200, and decided to push it two steps.

The results were not spectacular.

Bottles in window. Fuji C200, pushed 2 steps. Developed in Maco Ecoprint for 10 minutes at ~20C. Minor adjustment of contrast in Gimp.

But the crossprocessing and pushing are not all to blame. Look at the left side of the picture, and see the greyish haze. A light leak perhaps? It is visible in all the frames on that roll to varying degrees.

The seller insisted the camera was in very good condition, but it seems I’ll be spending this rainy day installing light seals. Yes, installing, not replacing. All the seals had been cleaned away from the loading door by a previous owner!

Anyway, one frame came out pretty OK, after some contrast adjustment and cropping in Gimp I was left with a rather nice self portrait in a mirror.

Through the mirror. Fuji C200.

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