Experiments with film. Roll 6.

It feels like I made a breakthrough in the development today. I tried doing the last rinse in denatured water mixed with a squirt of isopropanol and a wee bit detergent, and there were very few drying marks afterwards. I saved the mix in a bottle and will reuse it next roll, to see if it’s still good.

This particular roll of Lucky SHD100 really tested my temper, and required four attempts before I finally got it on the Paterson spool. Unfortunately I managed to crease one frame badly in the process.

Bridge at 28mm. Lucky SHD100 in Maco Ecoprint 1+12 for 5 min at 20C. My favourite bridge, again. A bit low contrast, but it was misty outside, and the filter was covered with raindrops. I’m surprised how well it turned out.

Bottles. Lucky SHD100 in Maco Ecoprint 1+12 for 5 min at 20C.

Reeds. Lucky SHD100 in Maco Ecoprint 1+12 for 5 min at 20C.

Everything comes out slightly blurred. The negatives look sharper when inspected with a loupe so I blame the scanner.

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2 thoughts on “Experiments with film. Roll 6.

  1. I completely agree with you about scanners. I’ve been frustrated with my film holders for my scanner and considered getting some pricier versions, but the costs are prohibitive. I feel the scanner guides that come with the machine should do a better job than they do.

    That being said, I love your images and the bottles especially caught my eye. I can just feel the light coming through the window there. Great job!

    • I’ve been listening to the Film Photography Project and they hail the Epson V700 as the best choice for the amateur photographer. I took a look at pricing online and getting one of those would double my investment into film photography. But since I want to upgrade to medium format it seems like a reasonable choice. Still, it will have to wait for a bit. As long as I don’t want to make any prints the current scanner will do.

      I checked out some pictures on your blog, nice pinhole stuff. Is it a Zero Image 6×9 that you’re using? I tried my hand at making a pinhole bodycap for my DSLR but I was not satisfied with the results. Making a nice, even and small hole proved to be more difficult than just punching a needle through the side of an aluminium can. 🙂

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