Roll 103. East German snakeskin camera.

Somewhere, sometime, someone had the thought ‘This camera would be so much more awesome if it only was covered in snake skin!’. And that someone didn’t let the thought stay a mere idea, but made it reality.


I picked up the camera for cheap off Ebay. It was significantly cheaper than cameras not subjected to the snake skin treatment, but it seems to work just fine. A small sticker inside states that it was serviced in April this year.

Chain. Shanghai GP3 in Rodinal 1+100 for 90 min at 20C.

Chain. Shanghai GP3 in Rodinal 1+100 for 90 min at 20C.

The test roll came out fine. No problem at all with the frame spacing, which apparently is an issue with these cameras. The ground glass in the view finder is a bit dim, an inconvenience, but not something that prevented me from enjoying shooting with this huge camera. It takes 120 film and produces solid 6×6 negatives.

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3 thoughts on “Roll 103. East German snakeskin camera.

    • I have run one more roll through it, but it hasn’t been developed yet. It is a very nice camera to use though.

      I’m not overly fond of the 80mm lens however, it always feels either too long or too short. But getting a good wide and a good tele for this camera isn’t very expensive.

      There are lots of lenses made for the Kiev 60 camera that will go on the Pentacon Six camera, and they can be had cheaply online.

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