Experiments with film. Roll 142. Cross processing.

I had planned on holding with this roll a bit, it is slide film and intended for a different developing process. But the Digibase one liter kit only contained enough stabilizer for half a liter, which is exactly how much I need in my tanks to develop 120 film (and not enough to do two 135 films at the same time, like I usually do). So before I lose too much I’ll do away with the 120 films.

Near and far

Near and far

The roll was dual branded, first as Rollei CR200 Pro then as Lomography Color slide X-Pro 200, so I expect both those films to be the same thing.

Cross the water

Cross the water

The film base came out purple, which I suspect leads to the warm yellow cast on the images.

Am I satisfied with the results of this and roll 168? Not really. But the negatives look much better than the scanned images would have one think, I must do some research on scanning negatives and see if there’s something I do wrong.

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