Experiments with film. Roll 168. C-41.

C-41! Color film, color chemistry! Woho!

A table for two.

A table for two.

Mixed color chemicals spoil quickly so I have shot and hoarded film over several months. Yesterday I mixed the various bottles of chemicals into larger bottles with water. And today I went home early from work and kicked off with a roll I shot while on a business trip to Linköping earlier this year.

The leaning house

The leaning house

The film is several years expired Solution X 200 VX that I bought cheap from Ebay.

Traditional nature photography

Traditional nature photography

The chemicals are intended to be used at a much higher temperature, but since I didn’t want to heat them before starting I extrapolated the times for room temperature and got started. I arrived at the following times for 22.5C development with the Digibase kit.

3 min presoak
17 min developer
2 min wash
10 min bleach
10 min fix
2 min stab

Hatch again

Hatch again

Did it turn out well? Maybe, I’ll need to do a couple of more rolls so I can compare. The negatives have a brownish tint which gives the positives a blue cast.

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