Roll 150. Kodak Portra 160

Suddenly, color made sense.

Hill revealed by depth of field

Hill revealed by depth of field

These are pictures from a trip to the archipelago last summer. I shot a roll of Kodak Portra 160 in the Yashica C TLR. The roll had been sitting in the box of undeveloped film since, but brought out now that I tried C-41 color film development.

At the sea

It was the third roll in the Digibase kit.

Started at 39C
3 min presoak
3,5 min dev
2 min wash
4,5 min bleach
5 min fix
1 min stab
Temperature fallen to 36C at the end of the process.

I just stuck the bottles in the sink, filled with hot water and waited for everything to even out to something covered by the instruction sheet. The temperature dropped a bit along the way, but I must say that I’m impressed by how nice everything came out.

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