Roll 132 and 144. The Wettex experiment

In these parts Wettex cloths are popular. Machine washable, high absorbing, hygienic and available in all the colors of the rainbow they are found in almost every kitchen for wiping down tables and counters.

Desperate after all the drying marks on my C-41 films I decided to try just wiping the negatives after stabilizing them.

Rainbow avenue. Kodak Farbwelt 200

Rainbow avenue. Kodak Farbwelt 200

I cut a strip from a new cloth and gave it a shot on rolls 132 and 144 that I developed today.

Loop. Fuji C200

Loop. Fuji C200

At the first glance it looked like it worked very well, but on closer inspection after scanning I saw that instead of a couple of large drying marks, I got a multitude of pearly bands.

Back to the drawing board.

Squirrel. Fuji C200

Squirrel. Fuji C200

The panorama at the top of the page was shot with the Holga Pan 135 on Kodak Farbwelt 200.

The two pictures immediately above were shot with a Nikon EM with a Nikkor 135mm Series E lens on Fuji C200 film, the one below using the same camera and film, but the Johnny Optic tilt shift lens.

Sun beams

Sun beams. Fuji C200

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