And there were vikings

Yesterday was a rare occasion, a friend asked for some pictures to be taken, and I packed a digital camera. I can’t recall when I last brought a digital camera with me but thought it would be good to show something already on site to make sure we got what she needed.


The pictures came out pretty OK. These are taken from RAW files and slightly tweaked for exposure and color balance.


All in all we spent an hour in the yard and I took 130 pictures with the Nikon D90, of which I found these four to be ‘Not too shabby’. A bit lower ratio than I usually get with 35mm film, and horrible compared with medium format.


Anyway, it was a lot of fun taking some pictures of people even if I think I’ll have to work a bit on the whole make-the-subject-relax part.


I also brought a large format camera, but those pictures haven’t been developed yet.

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