Cambo 451 Miniportrait

The Cambo 451 Miniportrait camera was built to take passport pictures and the like. It has a 4×5 back and came with a Polaroid #500 holder. My first miniportrait camera was the Shackman Two x Two, but it was fixed focus and had a fixed shutter speed. While fun to shoot, it put a lot of constraints in place.

Cambo 451

Cambo 451

The Cambo 451 is more versatile. It has 1/100, 1/50 and Bulb shutter speeds. Focusing can be done either with the built in range finder or by using the ground glass back. The aperture range is f8 to f32. Intended as a portrait camera it does not offer focusing at infinity, but from about 1 meter to a couple of meters, I haven’t measured exactly yet. The four pictures can be taken one at a time, or all four at the same time, as selected by a dial on the front of the camera.

4 x Idun. Green X-Ray film @ISO100 in HC-110 1+50 for 10 min at 20C.

4 x Idun. Green X-Ray film @ISO100 in HC-110 1+50 for 10 min at 20C.

I shot eight sheets of green sensitive X-Ray film yesterday to test the camera. The set above is shot handheld at f11. It is a heavy camera, but the 125mm lenses seem to be manageable even at 1/50.

The set below is shot from a tripod and with flash, it shows how much the pictures differ due to the relative offset of the lenses. The four pictures will not be identical.

Cat, dog, dinosaur and dragon. Green X-Ray film @ISO100 in HC-110 1+50 for 10 min at 20C.

Cat, dog, dinosaur and dragon. Green X-Ray film @ISO100 in HC-110 1+50 for 10 min at 20C.

I messed up the development a bit so these two sets will have to do for now. But I expect I’ll use the camera more in the near future. It was fun to shoot. This was the last of the pack of Flow Dental HC-512-G X-ray film (Expired April 2014) that I’ve been shooting since September last year. Next up is some ten years expired AGFA film.

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3 thoughts on “Cambo 451 Miniportrait

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  2. I don’t really understand how you use sheet film with this camera. Did it not comes with a back for Polaroid packfilm? Can you simply change that back with a holder for sheetfilm?

    • Yes. This camera has a 4×5 back for Polaroid film, but it slides out of the camera like any sheetfilm holder. Then you can load it with ordinary 4×5 holders.

      Not all mini portrait cameras were built that way, investigate carefully before you buy.

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