Wilhelm Wilhelmsees photofying as only half the fun. The other half comes from trawling Ebay and collecting old stuff.

KatenKaten sets the camera in Smart mode when photofying, which is smart, and it usually results in better images than Wilhelm’s.

The assistant joins the photofyers on walks and tastes the environments. Sometimes she retires to under the tripod to chew on a most excellent stick.


Doggie (passed away in 2015) assists in most helpful ways, by pulling on the leash when the photofyers have stayed in the same spot for too long, and complains if the number of daily photowalks gets dangerously low.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Haha, Doggie is right, here with Snuppi, my small dog it is exactly the same.Sometimes he makes it impossible to take a picture !

  2. Hei Wilhelm. Likte godt dine bilder fra kirken i gamla staden, Luleå. Kanskje du husker meg, vi hadde en prat om fotografering i kirken, og jeg fikk adressen til din blog. Mange fine bilder her!

    Dersom du har lyst til å se mitt bilde fra kirken så finner du det her:

    Hilsen Dag Aa.

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